Ontario Boating Liquor Law

Ontario has very strict driving and drinking laws which apply to boating the same way as if you were driving your vehicle. Transportation to your outpost cabin is allowed providing all of it is sealed and not opened. Expensive tickets will apply if open liquor is found in a boat. In a nutshell here are …

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Category: Canadian Law

Passports Are Required

Passports are now required for anyone entering Canada or the US. Apply early. Your local post office can assist you or go online to www.usps.com/passport/welcome.htm. Anyone bringing underage children that are not their own must have on their possession their passports and written permission from the parents along with the parents address and contact information.

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Category: Border Crossing

The Woman Lake Outpost

The Woman Lake Outpost is located 15 miles north of our main lodge on a scenic point on Little Woman Lake and is accessible only by water. Little Woman Lake provides our guests with excellent fishing for walleye, northern pike and lake trout. To the north of the outpost is Big Woman Lake to the …

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Category: Outposts

Fishing Tips

Fishing tips that can apply to all months: Sunny, bright, hot, little or no wind, these picture perfect days – you can count on the fishing being slower. Cloudy and rainy days, with a healthy breeze or wind, are good to excellent. Directly before and during the early stage of a large weather front, fishing …

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