Ontario Boating Liquor Law

Ontario has very strict driving and drinking laws which apply to boating the same way as if you were driving your vehicle. Transportation to your outpost cabin is allowed providing all of it is sealed and not opened. Expensive tickets will apply if open liquor is found in a boat. In a nutshell here are the regulations.

  1. It is illegal to consume alcohol in a moving boat.
  2. It is illegal to consume alcohol in a boat unless it is also a residence.
  3. It is legal to carry alcohol on a boat as long as it is either sealed or stowed away in a closed container.
  4. It is illegal to operate a motor boat while impaired by alcohol. Federal criminal code penalties apply.
  5. Ontario Highway Traffic Act penalties for a federal conviction for operating a boat while impaired do not apply.

We suggest leaving the alcohol on the bank  not in the boat.

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