Confidence and Guide Service

Confidence in one of your own known good fishing spots makes it easy for an angler to hold out, but it’s difficult to have confidence when you don’t know a lake or only fish a lake a few days every year.

The use of a knowledgeable and experienced guide can greatly increase confidence and improve your odds of success. The term “guide” gets thrown around quite loosely at times and some of our new guests arrive with more than a healthy bit of skepticism for the quality of the guide staff.

Doubts quickly disappear when guests realize that our guides are experienced, work together as a team and are on the water almost every day of the season looking for new patterns, presentations and locations. First year guides should not be looked upon as questionable either as they go through an extensive proven training program with the older guiding staff. Not to mention that we hire them through fishery specialized colleges and have enjoyed fishing throughout their youth and know fishing and boat handling technique’s when we hire them. These so called first year guides often surpass the expectations of the guests and the older guiding staff with their abilities.

The cumulative experience and knowledge of the guiding staff is another tool that consistently successful anglers use to improve their odds. The guides know where all of the good fishing spots and big ones were caught that season and the seasons before. Areas that attract trophy class fish at a specific time of year tend to draw big fish every year. Confidence based on the guide’s knowledge and experience keeps anglers attention focused on a good fishing spot even when volume is down.

Confidence in their abilities are further reaching than just fishing, they are unmatched when it comes to knowing the shore lunch spots, filleting your fish and preparing a delicious meal of freshly caught fish. Their ability to navigate the lakes and their knowledge of hazard spots is very important in a day of fishing.

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