A Safe Water System

Everyone has heard and read media coverage about problems with water and water supplies. One of the most frequently asked questions is where do we obtain our water and is it safe to drink.

Canada North Lodge has a water treatment system that delivers safe drinking water to every water outlet throughout our resort. The water system includes water storage tanks, a chlorination system and three large filtration systems. The final filters are absolute filters, which remove everything, including Guardia and Crypto. The result is completely safe drinking water. Inside the lodge itself we take one additional step, we remove all the chlorine, providing excellent water for our dining room coffee and drinks, and a place for our guests to refill their water bottles for the day with plenty of pure, good tasting water.

But, there is always a downside to everything. The filters must be changed periodically and the largest problem is that we never know when the flow rates are going to decrease because the filters need to be changed. Occasionally this happens during peak water demand and we then have no choice except to shut down the water and change the filters. The maintenance is a very small price to pay for ensuring safe water.

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