Our recent stay at Canada North Lodge was fantastic! Excellent accommodations, terrific meals and of course great fishing! The staff and guides were excellent always going out of their way to make our visit memorable. Thank you for a trip we will always remember. Hope to do it again sometime!   (June 2017) Michael Brady

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Confidence and Guide Service

Confidence in one of your own known good fishing spots makes it easy for an angler to hold out, but it’s difficult to have confidence when you don’t know a lake or only fish a lake a few days every year. The use of a knowledgeable and experienced guide can greatly increase confidence and improve …

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Bear Hunting Season

The Ontario Bear Hunting season is August 15th of each year. We have found that the August dates present our hunters with excellent bear hunting which is as good or better than the past spring hunt. Some positive points about the summer/fall hunt are: This is the time period in which the bears are very active in …

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A Safe Water System

Everyone has heard and read media coverage about problems with water and water supplies. One of the most frequently asked questions is where do we obtain our water and is it safe to drink. Canada North Lodge has a water treatment system that delivers safe drinking water to every water outlet throughout our resort. The …

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Hunters must Register Firearms

Canadian Law requires non-resident hunters entering Canada to register firearms. Complete information about the legislation and the registration forms can be obtained on the internet at http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca Hunters at CNL do not be concerned. In brief here is what is needed and is easy to download and to complete. Go to the Customs and Other Information …

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Life Jackets Required

Canadian Coast Guard regulations require that you must have one approved life jacket on board for each occupant of the boat. The life jackets must fit the person and be readily available. Even though the law states that they do not have to be worn, we encourage everyone that does not swim or feels uncomfortable …

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