Hunters must Register Firearms

Canadian Law requires non-resident hunters entering Canada to register firearms. Complete information about the legislation and the registration forms can be obtained on the internet at

Hunters at CNL do not be concerned. In brief here is what is needed and is easy to download and to complete.

  • Go to the Customs and Other Information page, under The Canadian Firearms Act and click on the link
  • Fill out the Non-Resident Firearms in triplicate, prior to arriving at the border. DO NOT SIGN
  • Present this Form to Canadian Customs at the border.
  • Form will be completed by the Customs Officer
  • Form must be signed by you in the presence of the officer.
  • A fee of $50.00 CDN FUNDS is required.
  • Is good for 60 days and can be renewed any number of times within a 12-month period at no extra-cost.

A trigger lock must be used on each of your firearms and cased properly.

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