Our Portage Lakes

For the adventurous outdoorsman we have ten portage lakes to complement the awesome angling opportunities available at Canada North Lodge. The portage trips are short. The boats and motors are on site and all you need is your gear for the day. The lakes offer excellent Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, and the great walleye fishing that Canada is famous for.

Portage Lake Details:

  • The lakes are scheduled daily at the lodge to ensure fair distribution to all guests.
  • One portage trip per guest is assured. Additional portage trips can be booked if portage trips are open after the days scheduling.
  • The portage trips are included in our Plan 1 and Plan 2 package price at no additional charge.
  • A  daily boat and motor charge will apply for those bringing their own boats and wanting to do a portage trip. We are not charging for the use of the lake – just for the boat, motor and gas which is not included in the Plan 3 package.
  • A guide is required for all portage lakes.

The portage lakes, the species, the number of boats available and the number of guests allowed per day on these lakes are as follows: