Bear Hunting Season

The Ontario Bear Hunting season is August 15th of each year. We have found that the August dates present our hunters with excellent bear hunting which is as good or better than the past spring hunt. Some positive points about the summer/fall hunt are:

  • This is the time period in which the bears are very active in their search for food and actively hit baited sites.
  • The bears size is much larger and their coats are prime.
  • The weather is warm, stable and reliable.
  • The bug population is considerably less compared to spring.
  • Our kill ratio is higher than our previous spring hunt.
  • Our Bear Management Area consists of 368 sq km.
  • We bait 20-30 sites each year weeks prior to hunter arrival.
  • Baits are checked daily – no exceptions.
  • We book no more than 10 hunters at any given time period during the hunt. Hunting dates are blocked off into 3 week periods – no overlaps.
  • Combination fishing and hunting trip at no extra charge.

We consider the time period between August 15th and September 7th to be the prime time for a successful hunt. Our bear population is excellent and has never been over hunted.

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